1st Step (Snow-Drop)

2nd Step

3rd Step


Our machine is specifically designed for NEW SNOW ICE and it’s simple to use. I just takes 4 steps.

Thanks to the innovative and patented fractioning procedure a Snow-drop will in a matter of seconds become NEW SNOW ICE CREAM. The machine is both easy to operate and easy to clean. It only takes a minute to clean simply place the parts in the dishwasher.

With its small size of 37 x 35 x 69 cm and less than 30 kg weight it is also practical and can be set up anywhere easily. Or machine is also energy efficient, using 130 W when in operation and decreasing to only 5W when in standby, making it ideal for installation at mobile points of sale.

We are proud to say our machine is manufactured in Germany and has both 2CE and GS quality certifications. Our machine has been developed and built in Northern German, in collaboration with the engineering office 3P-Engineering and Keil Feinwerktechnik, as well as with Theilen Maschinenbau. Produced entirely in Niedersachsen.

The machine has been developed for a service life of at least 200,000 cycles, and does not require any servicing during this cycle time.

Our factory has spare machines on hand in case a machine has technical issues and can be replaced anywhere in Europe within 48 hours